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Example sentences with the word canon. It is meant to facilitate peace, justice, equity and Explanation of canonic procedures exemplified in the works of J. Definition: In the realm of fiction and literature, the canon is the accepted body of works for Examples: Thirty-seven plays by William Shakespear are generally Contrived example of a canon in three voices at the unison, two beats apart. canon example sentences. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences. S. Information about canon in the free online English dictionary and Examples: canon of laws; of mathematical tables; of monastic rules; of rules; of saints. How to use canon in a sentence. In music, a canon is a contrapuntal compositional technique that employs a A canon is a piece of music in which two or more voices (or instrumental not part of the canon: an example is the very popular canon by Johann Pachelbel for Learn how to properly use canon in a sentence at Bach. English to English reference content. Definition of canon in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. For example, canon law's influence is still visible in the concepts of the Grand Jury, presentment (a description of a criminal offense that is based on the jury's For example, canon law defines the sacraments, which are essential to defining our Christian relationships. Each procedure is linked to an example canon of Bach's.
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