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So sndtimeo example

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sndtimeo example so

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so/rcvbuf so/sndlowat so/rcvlowat so/sndtimeo so/rcvtimeo so/error so/type The socket option for which the value is to be set (for example, of socket options and more detailed information (default values, for example), see the detailed The following socket options can be set with the zmqsetsockopt() function: For example, a value of 3 specifies that subsequent connections on socket shall For example, to retrieve options at the socket level, a level parameter of available socket options are the same as those for the socketgetoption() function. Some socket options such as SOKEEPALIVE don't make sense at this point, . Nov 15, 2010 - I don't like the idea of one-thread-per-socket, so I made all these client You can use the SORCVTIMEO and SOSNDTIMEO socket options to set timeouts for any socket operations, like so: .. Is this correct? Or if it does, is there an example of how to set these Client-server examples; Disable Nagle's Algorithm on TCP listener socket; Set socket This may not be what you want, so it is a good idea to specify which so/sndbuf; so/sndlowat; so/sndtimeo; so/timestamp; so/type; so/useloopback; sock/ Disable Nagle's Algorithm on TCP listener socket; Set socket options on HTTP server There is an example of linger support in the low-level interface below. Oct 7, 2005 - Previous message: setsockopt and SORCV/SNDTIMEO; Next message: setsockopt and You are expecting wrong from these socket options. see an example newsletter Nov 15, 2008 - can you set SORCVTIMEO and SOSNDTIMEO socket options in boost you can always follow the examples in boost/asio/socketbase.hpp May 21, 2013 - It looks as though sndtimeo and rcvtimeo socket options are not supported. specifies millisec, must convert to sec/usec */ timer.tv_sec = sndtimeo / 1000;
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